Accessory Equipment

REB can also supply accessory equipment for your filling and dispensing operations. Including:
  • Rotary Tables
  • Piston Transfer Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • De-Nesters
  • Lidders
  • Automation Kits
  • Sanitary Crimped Hoses
  • Hopper Agitators
We also repair nozzles and provide replacement nozzles and parts for your existing equipment.


90 Degree Turn Conveyors
90 Degree Turn Conveyor

Specialty Conveyor with Attached Pucks
Specialty Conveyor

Conveyor with Stainless Steel Covers
Stainless Steel Conveyor Cover

Piston Transfer Pumps

Piston Tranfer Pump

Rotary Tables: Unscrambling & Accumulation

REB can supply unscrambling and accumulation tables. We build tables in 36, 48 and 60 inch diameters.

The tables are constructed with a welded tubular stainless steel frame, a stainless steel turn table, a conveyor transfer plate, and a variable speed drive. The unscrambling table also contains a dump table.

All tables are supplied with adjustable container guides and leveling feet.

These types of unscramblers are used for stable containers.

Rotary & Unscrambling Tables

Hopper Agitators

Multiple Paddle Style
Multiple Paddle Agitator

Prop Style
Prop Style Agitator

Sanitary Crimped Specialty Hoses
Sanitary Crimped  Hoses

Sanitary Crimped Hoses


REB designs and manufactures many different styles of nozzles for piston and liquid filling systems.

Our nozzles can be used for filling a wide array of products from thin solvent type to thick chunky products.

The products can arrange from oils, honey, sauces, soaps, creams and pastes to chunky salsa, jams, pie fillings, potato salad and pasta salads.

ling System Nozzle

Filling System Nozzle